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An Avid, Devoted Homoeopathic Enthusiast And a Prominent Practitioner

Dr. Prathamesh Naik has accomplished countless milestones and contributed enormously to the achievements of Naik Homoeopathic Clinics in a short span of time. Dedicated to healing and providing the best cure and care for patients through homoeopathy, Dr. Prathamesh Naik has proved to be an eminent homoeopath in 3 states and 14 cities of the country. Having graduated from one of the top colleges in Maharashtra and completed Masters from Sangamner, he is well versed with several advancements in the homoeopathic sphere.

Homoeopathy in Every Nook And Corner of The World As a Natural Health Choice

Homoeopathy is a science of nature that restores your health and proves to be a solid foundation to get well and stay well. Dr. Prathamesh Naik, inspired by the notion “Homoeopathy for All” has set a vision to reach out and serve people of urban as well as rural areas of the society. With an excellent background and a rich experience in Homoeopathy, he is serving thousands of people with happiness and helping out them with their health. He has come a long way with the mission of healing through homoeopathy with compassion and care. His dedication and passion towards homoeopathic treatment, care and empathy for patients, and truthfulness in serving patients have delivered him the title of a trusted and one of the most popular, eminent, and distinguished homoeopaths in the field of medicine.

The Art of Mindful Meditation is Practiced By Dr.Prathamesh Naik

Mindful meditation has helped many of his patients with their mental health and care. His journey of being a successful homoeopath is inspiring and fascinating. With values and morals taught by his renowned father, Late Dr. Uday Naik, and the gift of generosity and kindness passed on by his caring mother Late Mrs. Bhavana Naik, Dr. Prathamesh Naik stands on the philosophy of providing complete care to the patients and prioritizing their requirements. He is a great example of generosity, devotion, and dedication.

Milestones Achieved By Dr.Prathamesh Naik

  • He works alongside NGO Satva, a foundation for healthcare and necessities for the needy.
  • He also serves as the Vice President of Parshuram Vidhyalaya and a lecturer at Homoeopathic college.
  • He is also the Head of Metonia Care in Akola
  • His unceasing efforts to contribute and bring changes in society have led him to be the recipient of, “ The Young Health Care Entrepreneur of the Year 2020”, by the Navbharat Group.

A Highly Qualified Homoeopath

With a vision to provide the best homoeopathic treatment and care in the most scientific and advanced way with the use of the latest clinical knowledge and medical experience in the science of homoeopathy, Dr. Prathamesh Naik, provides world-class solutions in healthcare.

Experience the advanced and new age homoeopathy at Naik Homoeopathy.