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Led by Dr. Uday Naik, we are a highly motivated team, all with very individual qualities and experience, and the highest standard of patient care. We provide world-class treatment, using the most up to date tried and tested technology.

What can homoeopathy treat?

This is a very popular question! People want to know if they can be helped by homoeopathy. The best answer is that theoretically any condition can be cured by homoeopathy. HOWEVER, it depends on many factors such as the patient’s family history, how long the condition has been present and the nature of other treatments the patient has had for this and other conditions. It also depends on the willingness of the patient to describe him/herself in intimate terms, telling more than just a list of symptoms (see “reporting Your Symptoms” in the Patient section). This answer doesn’t seem to satisfy potential patients so here is a partial list of the conditions Dr. Masiello has treated: abscesses, acne, ADHD, allergies, anxiety, arthritis, asthma, autoimmune diseases, back pain, bronchitis, cervical dysplasia, chronic fatigue, chronic Lyme disease, conjunctivitis, dandruff, developmental delay, depression, diarrhoea, diverticulitis, eczema, folliculitis, gallstones, genital herpes, GERD, Grave’s Disease, headaches (migraine and tension), head trauma, haemorrhoids, hiccough, hypothyroidism, influenza, injuries of many kinds, insomnia, kidney stones, mastitis, mononucleosis, myocarditis, neck pain, otitis externa, otitis media, PID, PMS, PTSD, pancreatitis, pharyngitis, pneumonia, psoriasis, seizure disorder, sinusitis, thrombophlebitis, trauma, UTI, varicose veins, warts…….

33+ Years of Experience

With more than 33+ years of experience and highly trained Doctors, we have been managing the patients all around the country. We have our establishments in 15+ locations. We have a successful prognosis in the following diseases: Acne, Spondylitis, Anxiety, Neurosis, Asthma, Dermatitis, Autism, Backache, Cancer, Asthma, Constipation, Depression, Erectile, Dysfunction, Frequent Colds, GERD, Hair Falling, Hepatitis B/C, Herpes, H.I.V., Migraine, Tonsils, Thyroid, Vitiligo etc. Patients can book an appointment quickly by filling the above form.

What are the advantages of homeopathy?

Homoeopathy acts quickly without causing any side effects. The homoeopathic system which is proved on human beings is very effective in both acute and chronic conditions. It addresses the problem from the root and establishes harmony in health and avoids frequent visits to Health care providers for different problems. Homoeopathic remedies are sweet and every one especially kids love to eat. Homoeopathy can be started depending on the current condition instead of waiting, thereby avoiding the deterioration of health and preventing further complications. Homoeopathic remedies offer good health.

Difference between acute and chronic condition?

Acute conditions: Acute condition has a rapid onset with severity and they last for a short duration. People find relief in acute conditions in few hours to few days depending on the condition and severity. Some Acute problems are seasonal, many people get them at the same time of year. The chronic condition has a slow onset and long duration. In chronic conditions, individuals start feeling better within a few days after taking a suitable homoeopathic remedy. Usually, chronic conditions have acute episodes (e.g. getting pain once a week ) in their course. Progress of case determined by the degree of relief, frequency and duration of the acute episode. During the homoeopathic program, one may experience a better degree of relief and the increased gap between episodes. Most of the chronic problems are complicated with multiple levels of problems. Good health is achieved by restoring a comfortable balance in whole health.

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